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Lindsay Myers and Tara Canniffe

About the Author:

Lindsay Myers is a lecturer in Italian and Children's Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway. This is her first book for children and it is dedicated to her childhood pet, Mootsy, the gerbil whose awfully big bite caused her to change her perspective on many things.

About the Illustrator:

Tara Canniffe is a student at Cuan na Gaillimhe  Steiner School. She has been drawing ever since she can remember and thinks it is the best hobby in the world. She does not own a gerbil but she does have a guinea pig called Rascal, who also has very big teeth. 

The Dynmaic Duo were on The Ryan Tubridy Show on Fri 22 January, 2021


Check Us Out at Galway SPCA

20th Jan 2021

Galway SPCA is delighted to announce the publication of ‘Mootsy and the AWFULLY big bite!’

This heart-warming picturebook, which tells the story of the AWFUL day when seven-year old Aoife’s gerbil bites her finger and will NOT let go, is a hilarious story. What is Aoife to do? Everyone has a suggestion but the ONE thing that does work will be as much of a surprise to YOU as it was to Aoife!

Written by Dr. Lindsay Myers (NUI Galway) and illustrated by her daughter Tara Canniffe (8), ‘Mootsy and the Awfully Big Bite’ began as a mother/daughter lockdown project in March 2020 to bring some creativity into a dull and lonely Spring. After hearing about the financial challenges with which local animal charities were struggling during the COVID crisis the duo decided to publish their book so that they could donate all of the profits to the GSPCA.

Suitable for children aged between 2 and 8, ‘Mootsy and the AWFULLY big bite’ is a fantastic example of how even the youngest members of society can make a BIG difference to the lives of animals in need,

We would like to say a big thank you to Lindsay and Tara for their kindness 

they continue to browse your site.